Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Show this weekend-Event this Friday

Diana will be having a few items on sale at the Hecho a Mano annual hand made art sale hosted by the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Organization. This annual event features local artists. It is a fun event and supports the works of many local artists. Here is a description imported from their website- I was unable to download their flyer into this blog.
Guadalupe Gallery
2011 continues its 25-year tradition as San Antonio's
premiere fine arts and crafts market with a new look
that unites both traditional and contemporary arts and 
crafts! This year's event includes a chance to bid on 
and win a number of beautiful holiday wreaths 
decorated by one of the many talented local San Antonio
artists, a style show, free food and drinks, and an
amazing DJ! Guadalupe Gallery. 6 - 9 p.m. $10 per person.
A link to the flyer is posted here

Hope to see you there - Christina

Post Thanksgiving News

November 28, 2011
Greetings! Hope all had a pleasant break from the routine via our American tradition of stuffing the turkey, and our faces!  We certainly enjoyed the feasting.  We had three days of Thanksgiving feasts via friends and family invitations- what a blessing for us!

Now for the latest news: I have two news-y things to report. First of all, I have already outgrown my current location and have been offered a new and strategically important location in the downtown area -112 Broadway- 1/2 block from the Alamo! The new place is directly across from the famous hattery- Paris Hatters. We will now be able to share my creations with tourists as well as provide an equally accessible location for my faithful, local customers. The new space has valet parking for my clients! We will not have a grand opening this year but will  be operational before Christmas for those who desire to purchase Kersey creations.

 In anticipation of the big move to my new location of 112 Broadway this December, I succeeded in luring away from the corporate world an astute and personally committed business person: Christina Palafox, who also happens to be my life partner (working on our 14th year).  She will be functioning as my business manager: assisting me with all of the tedious but important business duties that take me away from my creative tasks. She recently achieved her MSN from Walden University in leadership and management. Her skills and experience will be an invaluable asset to my company.

Already she has proven herself! I was able to make all of the pots and clay projects I had set as a goal before Christmas, while she took care of the mailing, packaging, business letters, errands and accounting projects that was on my  “to do”  list. As for her comments on this new adventure of her life, while she says the pay is not as great as her previous job of quality manager for a hospice, she finds the work very rewarding and is able to sleep better at night.  She states that at the end of the day there is a sense of accomplishment.  Plus she likes the dress code here so much better (see pic).

We (Sara and me) hope we can keep her working for us for a while. So if you get a new voice on the phone, it's probably Christina answering for me so I can keep mud off the cell phone! Please feel free to inform her of your needs and she will relay the information to me. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Uptown Art Stroll this weekend!

Just a quick note, the 11th Annual Uptown Art Stroll is this weekend!
Saturday, 10-5, Sunday 12-5 (don't forget, daylight savings is over this weekend)
All the info and downloadable maps can be found here. This year we have portapotties and pedicabs to ferry you around the hood! We are upscale now!

Have a good one!