Thursday, January 26, 2012

Latest news from 112 Broadway

Hello Dear Kersey Ceramic Followers!

Happy New Year!

Well, we moved in to 112 Broadway without hurting our backs! It took 2-26' truck loads to move the major stuff then numerous regular truck trips to and fro to get all equipment and clay here.

We are not "officially" open yet but Diana is in full swing making pots now. She and Sara were having CWS! Clay Withdrawal Syndrome- a syndrome that is known only to potters who are forced to keep their hands out of clay for any length of time. The only cure is to immerse your hands in wet clay.  It's good to see their smiles back.

Tomorrow, Friday 27th, we are having the retail space flooring re-done to blend in with the terracotta walls we painted to spruce up this gorgeous space. The flooring color will be, guess what, clay color! It's called "natural moon"  and really is the color of clay dust. We love the day skylights that flood us with light from the east. We have a wall of glass on the south side which faces an alley and a tall building shades our space- which will be good in the summer months.  Foot traffic has been steady, so far we have had just window-shoppers. But now with Diana making pots this week, she can be seen throwing from the storefront, people are curious and are actually coming into the shop now.

Next, will be our temporary signage and then we will be officially open- hopefully by the first week of February. Eventually, Diana will create her sign out of clay, like the one she did for the Bakery at the Pearl Brewery.

We love being downtown, there's plenty of places here in walking distance to have lunch and it's fun to see people walking about AND I get to see the celebs going into Paris Hatters for their new sombreros. I have not seen Chris Isaak or Merle Haggard yet, but am keeping my eye out! Abe (the owner) is great to see daily walking in front of his store enjoying the street scene. If y'all don't know about Paris Hatter's, shame on ya- it's a Texas institution!

Please come in and say hello, our hours will be officially Tuesday-Saturday 11-6P once we open, but we are here most  week days now getting things organized. If you do come by, park in the "Alamo Parking" area around back (Alamo Street) and or there are plenty of parking meters that take credit cards. Usually there are lots of metered spaces near Herweck's and behind on Alamo St. We are two blocks south of Herweck's. And five minutes walking distance from the Southwest School of Art.  If you do park in the back of us, tell the parking attendant that you are coming to 112 Broadway. They will keep your keys, we will give you a sticker for one hour free parking. So it's best to call ahead for now and let us know you are coming.

Hope to see some of you soon! And keep checking in for more news later.



  1. I'm looking forward to making the trip to San Antonio now!

  2. Like the new area..I'm one that hasen't been to Paris Hatters but will for sure stop when I tour your new place. Hope to see ya soon.